Born This Way Quotes

The following is a list of statements made by the stars (parents and individuals with down syndrome) of the Grammy Nominee A&E show Born This Way, and some personal thoughts (in bold). As I watch, I thought them worthy of contemplation and upon that found them important enough to share.

I think almost every person in the world of disability faces the battles these parents have gone through…I pray their words encourage you. You are not alone, and you will see beauty for ashes soon. God bless.


Born this way quotes/thoughts

“Different things to celebrate…which come at different times. A different timeline but same as other parents.”

“Mosaic Down syndrome-when you have a label ppl don’t see your ability, they see your disabilities”

“The journey God wants us to have”

“I’m Meghan’s mom—that’s been my identify since she was born. I have dedicated my life to her; I made the choice to have her so I want to give her the best life I possibly can.”

“It took 8 years for me me accept Elena as she is–[culturally unacceptable in Japan (mom wished she had a normal child and cried every day)]…it is okay to have Down syndrome. Love yourself as you are.” -Elena and her mom

“Don’t expect a lot. He will never be an asset to society. That’s what the doctors tell you. All negative” -John’s mom

“I’m here. I’m alive. I’m human. We are all human, all special…that’s all we need to know. We have to stick together and be the persons that we are cause we’re all human.” -John

“I’m not God…I don’t have that power to change people.”

“So what’s her mental age? It depends…when it comes to taking time 5, when it comes to academics about 8, social life/boyfriend about 40yrs old” -Christina’s dad

“When Christian was born we lost every hope to have a normal child with the Normal wedding and stuff…we are talking about our Down syndrome child being the first one to get married” -Christina’s mom

“She wants to have a boyfriend, she wants to get married just like everyone else.” -Christina’s dad

*Letter of intent (will for parents with disabilities)

“Watching Meghan assert her independence is confusing for me. I want her to be independent, I want her to be successful and do everything at the same time wanting to do too much for her it’s my weakness.” -Meghan’s mom

“His goal is to get a girlfriend and a honeymoon…meet, date, kiss, I love you. All on the same day”

“It’s not uncommon for people with certain disabilities to struggle with specific subject areas”

“The goals you set early on really set the standards for where you’re going”–transition plan

“Not just grab things and do it cause in the end, what am I teaching her?”

There is a secret club we all belong to; an un spoken bond we all share”

“For Meghan to leave independently on her own she requires life skills that any 22 year could do but she is not ready” —transition plan

“Why were you sad…because I didn’t know and when you don’t know you freak out, you get scared.” -Elena

“You have a dream but then your child is born with an intellectual disability and that dream is dashed; but guess what you have a new dream and you now begin to dream this dream”

“I just want someone to understand…I have no one; I’m desperate.” -Elena

Early childhood…very important for parents and for the kids

It’s important to recognize that eventhough we all have abilities and disabilities, we don’t define ourselves by those

Yes love them, yes care for them, yes protect them but let’s do it to independence

*HUD-a subsidized government program for adults with special needs to afford living independently

“Don’t limit me”–interdependence is not a limitation; no one is an island (Saurym’s thought)
“Always encourage them to do more, set the bar higher not lower and they’ll be an asset to the world” -John’s mom

I wish someone would have told me “this child is gonna make your life magnificent” -Meghan’s mom

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