South Florida Bible College Joins the Cause of Disability


Thanks to the generous tangible support of SFBC and Theological Seminary (SFBC & TS), our organization and its recipients now have a constant and reliable flow of dedicated Christian workers ready to role up their sleeves and serve our special needs community.

For the past thirty years SFBC & TS has provided a theological education wherein Biblical standards of Christian faith and life are established and maintained. This Christian institute, located in Deerfield Beach, accomplishes this through quality instruction, the study of theological concepts, cultivation of a spiritual life, and performance of Christian service.

It is this emphasis on service that brings SFBC & TS and With Everything Inc to unity in the Lord. The college desires to provide its students with opportunities to meet their respective program community service hours in ways that glorify the Lord Jesus and enriches their educational experience. Through our organization, these students can do just that as they are given opportunities to minister in ways that are reflective of their learning and areas of interest.

Furthermore, these students also get the chance to build new skills through the professional development opportunities avail to them through our volunteer trainings. From administration to counseling to children and family services, these students exit our grounds not only meeting their degree requirements but also building up their human services skills through tangible and applicable experience.

We are very excited about this partnership and thank the Lord greatly for providing us with the opportunities to make it happen!

Click here to learn more about South Florida Bible College.

Click here Learn more about With Everything volunteer opportunities

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