The Probability of HOPE

In a recent training with Dr. Norm Wise, Director of Living Water Counseling center, our volunteer/board team and I learned that when it comes to special needs families and divorce, statistics have it way wrong.

Yes, it is true that divorce does lurk around this part of town; and yes, certain disabilities and family characteristics do contribute more to divorce being the final choice. But what is not true is that 80% of families with special needs end in divorce.

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The reality is that about 25% of families with special needs children don’t make it….BUT that means 75% of them DO!! This is important to know, it’s HUGE because  it creates a probability of HOPE.

These families and beloved marital relationships are not “doomed” because of their unique child (So please undo this self-fulling “my “marriage is doomed” prophecy)… they have 75% more of a chance than they actually think!

Of course, this is not handed in a silver platter. Every one knows that critical times call for critical measures. When tragedy strikes or unexpected situations happen we all need to start again, assess the new situation, make a new plan. That is not to say that a disability is tragedy, it is simply to state the reality that sometimes disability comes with medical, cognitive, and/or behavioral complications that change everything.

This is why our organization developed our Parent-Expert Program and sought the help of champion experts in marriage (like Dr. Wise) to help us on our quest to provide effective training. I leave you with this video interview where Dr. Wise shares with us valuable insight on how to make marriage last:

The Relationship Toolbox and The Exceptional 7% 

Click Here To learn more about Dr. Wise and the Living Water Counseling Center

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