FAU CARD Online Trainings, Becoming an Expert on Autism just got easier.

Dear parents,

FAU CARD (Boca Raton, Florida) has developed this library of online training presentations that are available for you to view. Please take advantage of this opportunity to become as educated as possible on autism from practicing trained professionals in the field by visiting their website: http://coe.fau.edu/centersandprograms/card/tutorials.php

Here is an outline of what you will find at this online training library:

  • Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • A Journey of Success: Navigating SystemsIn the Home
  • Guardianship Options
  • Support for Grandparents
  • Strategies for Increasing Homework Success
  • Toilet TrainingIn the School
  • ASD & the Reading Comprehension Challenge: What Can You Do?, created by UM-NSU CARD
  • Classroom Set-up
  • Count on It! Strategies to Teach Math Skills to Students with ASD, created by UM-NSU CARD
  • Enhancing Engagement in Science
  • Strategies for Increasing Homework SuccessBehavior Series
  • Part 1: Understanding Why Problem Behaviors Occur
  • Part 2: Building Play and Leisure Skills
  • Part 3: Environmental Setup and Visual Strategies
  • Part 4: Developing Requesting and Protesting Skills
  • Part 5: Token Economies and Behavioral Contracts


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