Celebration Of Life Events

With Everything’s Celebrations Of Life Events (CLE’s) are days carved out of the year in which we seek to celebrate the gift of life that is a child with disability and their loved ones. We firmly believe that the Lord has not given burdens because His word says that He created each of us fearfully, wonderfully, and without hidden frame (Psalm 139). So as an organization, we seek to focus on that by providing opportunities for our families and their friends, our volunteers and staff, and any person who want to learn about special needs to come celebrate disability.

Our CLE’s are themes/occasions chosen by our Parent-Expert Program participants and held throughout the year. If you are interested in participating, donating, and/or becoming a volunteer at any of our upcoming CLE’s please Contact Us.

To view a list of all of our events and those happening in the community please check out Our Calendar.

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