Internship Programs (coming soon)

As an organization seeking to leave a legacy in this world, we look forward to not only having an impact on our volunteers and participants but also on our future Christian leaders. Thus we have established a series of internships raging from 2 months to 12 months, both locally and internationally for any college student and/or professional in the field of disabilities interested in learning how to serve Christ as we have. Interns are recruited in July and trained in August, they serve as part of our staff, get the opportunity to be mentored by our leaders, and experience disability service from the planning stages of actives to their execution; ensuring their thorough equipping for the Lord’s present and future purpose in their lives.

With Everything welcomes interns both locally and nationally; providing housing, food, and a bi-weekly stipends as needed. Interns get to participate in our programs, retreats, and missions based on the time and type of internship they have applied for. Some of our interns even get the chances to live abroad as With Everything missionaries and provide valuable special education training to ministries in developing countries through our international partners.

Furthermore, as a 501(c)(3) organization, college students are able to complete volunteer hours and at times even college credit. You can learn more about our various internship programs by completing the form below:

Thank you for your interested in serving with us!