Meet Our Founder


“Educated as you could be, get the right tools, degrees, and training on your side…when you are dealing with people’s lives you want to be as prepared as can be” –TIU, Nonprofit Management course, 11/8/12

My name is Saurym Quezada. I started this organization to share with people [interested and not interested in disabilities] what led me to disability ministry in hope of igniting the same or by God’s grace an even greater passion to serve this population.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry (biblical studies with emphasis on ministry) from Trinity International University (TIU) and am currently working on my master’s degree in Special education Instructional Practices and Autism Spectrum Disorder. For the past few years I have sought out to immerse myself in the world of disability through education and practical experiences that I may supplement my Christian ministry education and disability calling with an actual understanding of their needs.

In 2014, I became a certified Broward County teacher and ever since have been working as a teacher in various roles (classroom teacher, assistant teacher, and substitute teacher pre-k through 8th grade) in both general and special Ed classrooms. In the summer of 2015 I participated in my first national disability internship program through Joni and Friends International Disability Center and had the opportunity to train and lead the program’s culminating international mission trip. Upon my return, I began to pursue my master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). In the summer of 2016, I had the privilege of being called back as Joni and Friend’s internship program and mission trip supervisor. This opportunity gave me the tools and courageous push to pursue the vision that is With Everything Inc.

Now, as an established organization, my sole purpose as founder and director is to obey God’s command to love and serve effectively ALL people with disability that I may Worship Him in all things, Imitate Him in all things, Trust Him in all things, Honor Him in everything; and by His grace Lead others to do the same (1 Corinthians 11:1).

This is With Everything