Respite Services

Jesus said, “come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

-Matthew 11:28.

Families of children with disabilities experience 57% more stress than the typical family does.  Pressures take further tolls. For instance, depression rates in mothers of these children are 136% higher and in fathers are 51% higher than in other families.

What causes stress for these families?

  • More needs to meet. Families of children with special needs pour themselves into attending to their children’s physical needs which can include but are not limited to non-ambulatory, seizures and other medical needs (medication), and behavioral needs.thumb_WE logo_1024
  • Sleep depravity. Many of these children require less sleep than average. For example, a child can only need just 30 minutes of sleep. Some maintain sleep patterns that are consistently “off -cycle,” meaning that the child is up all night while the parent is trying to sleep, leading parents to lose sleep to care for them.
  • Medical care. Most of the families of children with special needs are frequent visitors to hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and therapists of all kinds. Expenses escalate.
  • Relationships. Additional strain comes at a price as marriages crumble and typically developing siblings receive less parental attention.
  • Isolation. Stress-reducing hobbies such as reading, hiking, socializing with friends and church involvement fall by the wayside, as attending to one child’s needs becomes paramount.

With Everything Inc seeks to provide these families what they so desperately need: respite. We seek to become a lifeline for these precious families, to help them overcome the statistics and stay healthy and together.

Currently, With Everything Inc enjoys the privilege of a local church partnership that allows us to offer Day Respite events for children under 17 years of age at no cost to the parents on a monthly basis (as of Sept 2017). These day respite events range from 4-6 hours and are provided on a 1:1 child to adult ratio with support from events’ coordinator and/or program director. All respite volunteers have been through an orientation and training on disabilities and behavior management, received CPR/First Aid training, attended a 1-hour respite training prior to the start of their volunteering at respite event. In addition, With Everything Inc employes the use of onsite a nurse for medical needs support. If you are interested in receiving respite services from our organization please Contact Us. We will be happy to answer any questions and get you started.

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