Special Education and Related Services


Education Resources

Exceptional Student Education and Support Services of Broward

K12 Placement Tests

Denver Developmental Assessments

PALS Reading Strategy Training (IRIS Model)

Interactive Learning Sites

Autism Modules

Center on Teaching and Learning (Reading Resources)

Alphabet Knowledge (Pre-reading/writing resources)

AFIRM modules: Autism focused intervention resources and training

Transition/Adults Resources

NTACT: Transition Planning, Education, and Services

Ohio Center for Autism and Low incidence: Transition webcast

Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation FLDOE

Going to College: This Web site contains information about living college life with a disability.

Broward Community Schools: Disabilities Services for adult learners

Think College: a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disability.

Therapy Resources

Little Bee Speech

Free Language Stuff

Mommy Speech Therapy

Behavior Babe- ABA Data Sheets 

I Love ABA

Sensory Fun

Miss Kelly OT


The National Professional Development center on Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based- Practices

Intervention Central

Behavioral Health Treatments- Autism Speaks

Autism Training Solutions: web-based training and support to the autism community and the general public

FAU Resources

Saurym’s Autism Portfolio (FAU class  project)

Autism After 21- SOAR Program 

Misc Resources

Children’s Medical Services- Early steps

Online Stop Watch

Make Belief Comix