The Red Cup

As you clicked on this section and your browser loaded the site, I hope your eyes were captivated by that cute little smiley red cup! It was a gift from my days in a very dear ASD intensive classroom and although meant to mean nothing more than thank you, its color meant a whole lot more to me. No, my thoughts didn’t necessarily go to the cross and the Holy blood of our Lord but to a simpler thought, a simple detail about this particular cup: it is a red (not the typical yellow) smiley face and it’s beautiful.

I think of every special kid I’ve encounter over these past couple of years, not one of them with a typical smile; yet each so beautiful and precious…

…No, mom and dad, your child is not a typical yellow smiley face child but he/she is still a symbol of God’s joy and perfection, able to fill your home with laughter…able to bless you.

Be encouraged in knowing this:

They are “beautifully and wonderfully made” – psalm 139:14