With Everything Unplugged

Welcome to With Everything Unplugged! Our video testimonies site where we bring you uncut, unedited, real life God stories of families and individuals impacted by disability as well as valuable information from experts. Hear about their struggles growing up (or raising kids with) with special needs, their challenges as parents, and moments of disappointment with life and God. Yes that’s right, like every other true and strong relationship, Christians struggle with God’s choices from time to time which can result in periods of fear, anger, doubt, pain, and even disappointment with God. We bring you these Unplugged stories to encourage you because you are not alone.

Featured Interview

Unplugged Interview Archive

Interview with Dr. Norm Wise: In this interview Dr. Norm Wise, Director of Living Water Counseling center, shares with us must-know facts on special needs and divorce. Dr. Wise also shares with us valuable insight on marriage and how to make this most precious family covenant last.

Interview with Bonnie Schmidt: In this interview Bonnie Schmidt, founder and director of ScentsAbility Enterprise shares the story behind this wonderful adults with disabilities training and employing nonprofit organization. Bonnie also
describes to us what it has been like to be a mother to someone with a disability like Jessica’s (her daughter) and shares a heart-felt message to parents.

Interview with Perla Sandoval: In this interview Perla Sandoval, author of the book Flying Over the Circumstances, shares with us her experience with disabilities after suffering a brain aneurysm that left her 1/2 paralyzed 7 years ago. She relates the ups and downs of waking up in the world of disabilities unable to speak or move, what got her through those rough years, and the lessons learned. You can watch this interview in Spanish here.









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